4 Things You Can Do Before Carpet Cleaners Arrive

You can do several things to ensure that carpet cleaning proceeds without a hitch. This article discusses some of the simple things that you can do prior to the arrival of commercial carpet cleaners in your home.

Secure Your Pets

Some pets, such as dogs, may act aggressively towards any strangers that come into the home. It is, therefore, prudent to keep those pets in a locked section of your home before the carpet cleaners turn up. Furthermore, securing the pets ensures that those pets will be safe during the cleaning process. Carpet cleaners often leave some doors open so that the hoses from their truck-mounted cleaning equipment can snake their way into the home. Your pets can escape from the home through those open doors. Securing the pets early prevents this eventuality.

Communicate Your Concerns

Carpet cleaners usually inspect any jobsite before bringing their equipment to start cleaning. Use this inspection exercise to communicate any concerns that you may have. For instance, you can notify the cleaners about any stubborn stains that are on your carpets. Tell them what caused those blemishes in case you have that information. This will enable the carpet cleaners to prepare appropriately so that all your concerns will be addressed.

Move Valuable Furniture

Some carpet cleaners may be reluctant to move any precious furniture, such as antique furniture, if it is in the spaces that you would like them to clean. That reluctance may be a precaution for avoiding liability in case that furniture is accidentally damaged as it is moved. It is therefore better for you to have that delicate or valuable furniture removed prior to the arrival of the cleaners so that no time is wasted as you rush to clear the carpets that are to be cleaned.

Clear off the Furniture

Another thing that you can do before the carpet cleaners reach your home is to remove any small or breakable items from the furniture in the area to be cleaned. For example, tabletop lamps should be removed. This will serve several purposes. First, the furniture will be lighter and easier to move if the small items are removed from it. Secondly, those items will not be damaged as the pieces of furniture are being moved.

The discussion above may not cover all that you can do before the carpet cleaners come to your home. Ask companies like You'll Say Wow Carpet Cleaning for more information about what else you can do to help them out as they clean your carpets.